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We Are The Leading Global Marketplace for Learning and Instruction

Amazon Ultimate Technology Academy (AUTA) is staffed by a highly trained team of specialists and subject experts cutting across various fields of endeavor who want to exceed clients expectation.

The academy was primarily established to provide educational services, IT solutions and professional support to its discerning clients.  AUTA has emerged as a worldwide institution for building knowledge and inventing new ways to meet humanity’s contemporary challenges. 


We have a well-structured learning model called SKEEPE Model (Skills-Knowledge-Expertise-Experience-Practicability-Employability) carefully designed to blend different teaching and learning methodologies.

The model is an extensive online, onsite or hybrid training exercise that culminates into a mandatory internship course with global industry subject experts to enable our students learn practical case studies that blend real world situations, gain the most sought-after skill sets and be relevant in the global IT industry.

Gain the most sought after on-demand skills in the global information technology industry carefully designed to provide technological solutions to business problems.
Knowledge is a critical component of human development that provide high–level skills, expertise and experience for a myriad of professionals to develop the capacity that drive economy and make important decisions at the core of an organization’s competitive advantage.
The package is designed to support skills development, including reskilling and upskilling through mentorships programs that help to accelerate project – based tasks that give a student chance to practice skills they are developing. The course empowers students to take control over their career development working with dynamic teams that enable them to better connect, align, and influence project outcomes.
Today, people want to be connected to opportunities that reflect their values, interests, and capabilities in a way that gives them the chance to grow. They want an experience that simultaneously matches their preferences, interests and fits the needs of organizations. You can gain a new skill sets and experience by taking advantage of our dynamic learning and development opportunities through peer connections for informal sharing with subject – matter experts as well as fellowship opportunities to develop new skills, insights and perspectives.
Garner new practicable skill sets which foster a culture that embraces continuous learning, development and inspires you to pursue your passions and desired career paths for an on – demand high – pay, high – growth career in the global tech industry.
There is currently a huge gap, dearth and deficit of skilled manpower in the global tech industry that needs to be filled by professionals with hands – on skill sets. This program will empower you to secure a high – pay role as either a Project Manager, Product Manager, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Blockchain Expert, Software Tester or Information Security Analyst which tops the list of global tech on – demand high – pay careers that are hunted for by multinational conglomerates. In AUA we help to close the gap between skills, competencies and pave the way for innovation, enhanced productivity with our customized corporate training programs.

Our Vision

To mold future leaders in different areas of specialization, empowering them to achieve academic excellence and fulfill their professional passion in a setting that is diverse, welcoming, innovative and all-inclusive student-centered mentor-led environment.

Our Mission

To strengthen institutional collaboration and synergy on academic endeavors through enhanced networking and shall establish, expand and sustain partnerships with governments, private sectors, industries and organizations to build a pool of highly qualified, competent and multi-skilled globally competitive manpower who will contribute to rapid and sustained economic growth of the society.

Our students acquire industry skills while exploring a wide range of topics delivered by our faculties and visiting industry professionals to guide their learning as they collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds. We provide access to collections, online databases and research materials that broaden your outlook and infuse your knowledge with deep intellectual foundations.

Access to state-of-the-art and traditional tools outfitted with cutting-edge technology, equipment and materials gives you hands-on experience taking the most comprehensive course designed for absolute beginner to advanced. All the contents of our courses are highly-rated and provides the necessary skills and abilities to navigate a variety of real-world scenarios as part of learning process.

Immersing a learning experience that create solutions for next opportunity

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With a strong focus on assuming leadership role in the Digital Learning World and to further accelerate AUTA’s growth and profitability, the company has charted a focused business strategy to address the Digital Transformation needs for individuals and corporate customers by offering training and consulting to help them re-invent themselves & their organisations.
Our Course are Pathway to internationally recognized and accredited degrees​

Advanced Diploma in Business Information systems(ADBIS)​

Advanced Diploma in Animation & Multimedia (ADAM)​

Advanced Diploma in Forensics (ADIF)

Why Choose AUTA?

Over the last 10 years, we have been providing world-class ICT education.

Credit Transfer

Our programs afford you the opportunity to build on your knowledge, skills, expertise, educational experience and transfer to other universities/institutions of higher learning in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Netherlands, U.K, Uganda, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria and others, through Credit Transfer System Arrangement. This will enable you to acquire a dual certificate after successful completion of the program.

Internship Program

Internship program by certified industry subject expert is available for our students to have a practical real–world experience while exploring a wide range of topics, industry related case studies and projects delivered by empanelment of professionals to guide your learning as you collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds. Internship and work experience enhances professional, personal skills and gives you the practical experience that is required by employers.

Top Up Program

Our courses are highly – rated and provide you the necessary skills to be self –reliant and employable. It also affords you the opportunity to further your studies in a place that suits you and gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and gain a fast tract Bachelors Degree from global top ranked universities.

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