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International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies

  • Expert instruction : 4 skill-building courses
  • Self-paced : Progress at your own speed
  • 520 Hours Study Duration per course

What you will learn

The International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies, a qualification regulated by Ofqual, is presented by NCC Education UK. Tailored as a pathway for direct entry into university post-secondary or higher secondary education, this one-year pre-university bridging qualification is meticulously crafted by UK academics. It serves as an entry route, facilitating learners’ successful progression into both UK and international university courses. Equivalent to the first year of a degree programme within the UK university system, this comprehensive programme enables students to accelerate their academic journey.

The primary focus is on enhancing language skills, refining writing abilities, and fostering effective business communication. This targeted approach aims to ensure that students attain the necessary entry-level standard for their chosen undergraduate programme. Beyond language proficiency, the course delves into computing, covering databases, networking, programming, and web design. By providing a solid foundation in computing, the programme equips students with the understanding and knowledge essential for success in higher education.

Recognized by numerous universities and institutes globally, including those in the UK, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA, this diploma opens doors to a multitude of opportunities. Learners are eligible to apply to international branch campuses in China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Qatar. Moreover, it facilitates access to study at over 90 universities worldwide, making it a versatile and internationally recognized qualification.

Our students acquire industry skills while exploring a wide range of topics delivered by our faculties and visiting industry professionals to guide their learning as they collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds. We provide access to collections, online databases and research materials that broaden your outlook and infuse your knowledge with deep intellectual foundations.

Access to state-of-the-art and traditional tools outfitted with cutting-edge technology, equipment and materials gives you hands-on experience taking the most comprehensive course designed for absolute beginner to advanced. All the contents of our courses are highly-rated and provides the necessary skills and abilities to navigate a variety of real-world scenarios as part of learning process.




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    Our Course are Pathway to internationally recognized and accredited degrees​

    Advanced Diploma in Business Information systems(ADBIS)​

    Advanced Diploma in Animation & Multimedia (ADAM)​

    Advanced Diploma in Forensics (ADIF)

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    Credit Transfer

    Our programs afford you the opportunity to build on your knowledge, skills, expertise, educational experience and transfer to other universities/institutions of higher learning in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Netherlands, U.K, Uganda, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria and others, through Credit Transfer System Arrangement. This will enable you to acquire a dual certificate after successful completion of the program.

    Internship Program

    Internship program by certified industry subject expert is available for our students to have a practical real–world experience while exploring a wide range of topics, industry related case studies and projects delivered by empanelment of professionals to guide your learning as you collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds. Internship and work experience enhances professional, personal skills and gives you the practical experience that is required by employers.

    Top Up Program

    Our courses are highly – rated and provide you the necessary skills to be self –reliant and employable. It also affords you the opportunity to further your studies in a place that suits you and gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and gain a fast tract Bachelors Degree from global top ranked universities.

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